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My name is Frank Raso, and after more than 30 years of experience in representing individuals through all levels of criminal law and multiple DWI charges, I can tell you that the individuals who are struggling with multiple alcohol-related crimes are in need of help more than they are in need of criminal sentencing.

I welcome you to contact me to obtain quality representation from a Rockland County multiple DWI attorney and get the help you need.

What Does It Mean To Have Multiple DWIs In New York?

Having multiple DWIs on your record can turn misdemeanor crimes to felonies quickly. In these cases, the fines increase dramatically, as does any potential for incarceration, permanent driver’s license revocation and a lifetime with a criminal record.

While the potential consequences of each DWI charge can be very complicated, I have provided a brief description of the potential consequences below. This information is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be used as a guide for your criminal defense case. Contact my office to get case-specific counsel.

Potential Jail Time Potential Fines License Suspension/Revocation Probation
DWAI Up to 15 days $560 – $760 90 days susp. N/A
DWI Up to 1 year $900 – $1,400 6 months rev. with ignition interlock device Possible 3 years

Aggravated DWI

Up to 1 year

$1,400 – $2,900

1 year rev. with ignition interlock device

Up to 3 years

Felony DWI

1-4 years state prison

$1,520 – $5,520

1 year minimum with ignition interlock device

5 years probation

*DMV will impose $750 surcharge upon a conviction of any of the above charges

Lasting Defense Goes Beyond The Criminal Charge
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There are ways to combat these kinds of consequences, and start yourself off on the right foot. The first step involves contacting an experienced, caring legal representative. The next steps involve building a strong case for your defense. As your lawyer, I will assess the details of your case and help you pursue the most effective kind of criminal defense, whether that happens in the courtroom, in drug counseling sessions, or both.

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