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Rigorous defense should be extended to anyone facing a criminal charge. In many cases, however, those who face criminal charges, such as DWI or drunk driving charges do not get the defense they deserve.

Many factors are at play when an individual has been questioned, arrested or accused of a crime. Any criminal offense you face (such as getting behind of the wheel after consuming alcohol) is not black and white, and having an experienced Rockland County DWI defense lawyer on your side can help bring that to light in a court of law.

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My name is Frank Raso and for more than 30 years, I have been a practicing attorney serving individuals in Rockland County, the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas of New York. I firmly believe in our criminal justice system and the presumption of innocence that is guaranteed under our Constitution. This presumption of innocence gives my clients the opportunity to get the defense they need against a wide range of criminal law issues. The high degree to skill and dedication I provide gives my clients more than temporary protection. It gives them lasting results and the opportunity for a brighter future.

I focus my efforts on analyzing the merits of the case against my clients, and I work hard to suppress any evidence that exists against them. My main goal is to get them the help they need to prevent fines, jail time, license revocations and a future that involves a criminal record. This could sometimes involve having evidence thrown out or getting someone the rehabilitation he or she needs with regard to substance abuse.

More innocent people are arrested for DWI than any other crime. If you or someone you care about has been charged with DWI, you can call my office with confidence. First, I will question you about the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest. Then, I will take you step by step through the process. We will cover everything you need to know about the law, your rights, the issues and your options. If you do have a drinking problem, I will help you get the help you need.

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I leave no stone unturned when I investigate a case. My experience has helped me gain an unmatched understanding of the kinds of evidence that could be brought against a DWI defendant, as well as the solutions that are actually within reach.

Schedule a consultation by contacting my office online or by telephone at 845-358-5115. I can help you mitigate the consequences of your DUI charge and work to make sure that this type of issue does not dictate your life for years to come.

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