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Too often, the presumption of innocence until proof of guilt is not upheld to the highest degree. When an individual has been arrested for a drunk driving charge, law enforcement has already gathered a significant amount of evidence against him or her. Fighting back against this evidence requires help from an experienced attorney – an attorney who has successfully defended DWI cases for 30 years.

I welcome you to contact me — Rockland County aggravated DWI attorney, Frank J. Raso — to get the help you need in defending your rights and making positive lifestyle changes that prevent these charges from causing you stress and concern for years to come.

What Is An Aggravated DWI?

It is common knowledge that consuming alcohol can impair an individual’s ability in many ways, especially his or her ability to operate a vehicle. The degree to which an individual is impaired, however, can make a dramatic difference in what kind of criminal charge he or she faces.

In New York, individuals with a BAC (blood alcohol content) level of .18 or higher fall under the category of aggravated DWIs. This kind of charge carries more severe penalties than regular DWIs, including higher fines, longer sentences, and more serious and long-lasting license suspensions or revocations. These charges are also more difficult to have reduced to DWAIs (Driving While Ability Impaired) charges, which are not considered criminal offense, but rather traffic violations.

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If you have been pulled over it is important to cooperate with law enforcement. Only in rare cases should an individual refuse a Breathalyzer test. To best defend yourself, remember that it is within your rights to request that a lawyer is present before you to make any statements regarding how much you have had to drink, where you were prior to being pulled over, or how well you were driving at the time of your arrest.

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